With a fleet of over 75 machines and vehicles, you can be sure we can meet the needs for your project. Our experienced machine handlers and drivers, use the highest specification equipment and the latest technology. We only use the top plant vehicles on the market, so you can be sure we’re completing your project to the best standards.

Our Fleet

All of our vehicles are available to hire for your site.
Hover over or click on each image for full details and models of each machine we have on offer.


Large, medium and compact crawler excavators ranging from 14 tonne to 35 tonne which can equipped with 3D machine controls.


Ranging from 18 to 20 tonne, with remote monitoring for a wide variety of tasks across different project types.

Dump Trucks

With a range of capacities available, we are able to cater to a variety of conditions such as ground type and area.


Opperating up to 45 tonnes

Haulage Fleet

An in-house fleet of 8-wheeler tipper waggons, fuel bowser and low loader to service your site.


13 or 16 tonne rollers available for your site with dedicated machine opperatives

Soil Stabilisation Machines

Cold recycling and soil stabilisers with the latest technology and specifications to tackle the most challenging of operations.